Motivational Interviewing

About the trainers

Jackie Webb

Jackie has worked for over twenty years in a variety of settings in the public sector and has used Motivational Interviewing (MI) in all of them. These include the probation service, youth offending, a specialist substance misuse team in the NHS and as a manager in a childcare team.

Jackie was trained in the use of Motivational Interviewing in 1995 and discovered the effectiveness of MI in helping people make behavioural change, especially with individuals who were apparently reluctant to engage or who have been coerced into changing, e.g. offenders or parents of children subject to child protection procedures. Jackie is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT*), an international organisation committed to best practice in Motivational Interviewing. Jackie is also a member of the UK MINT. Since being trained as a trainer with MINT in 2010, Jackie has delivered MI training to a range of practitioners including GPs, social workers, student social workers at the University of the West of England, occupational therapists, nurses, health visitors, specialist substance misuse workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. Jackie continues to deliver training to several local authorities and for the Tavistock Clinic.

Dr Kim Jolliffe

Kim is a clinical psychologist who has practiced Motivational Interviewing clinically since 1998 and has used the approach extensively both as a stand-alone intervention and in combination with other therapies, such as CBT. She completed her training as a Trainer in Motivational Interviewing in 2006 and is a member of MINT*. Since, Kim has delivered training to a number of professionals working within the NHS, Social Care and education. These include psychiatrists, GPs, secondary school teachers, psychiatric/general nurses, occupational therapists, social workers and unqualified support workers. In addition, Kim has trained professionals from a wide range of services including drugs and alcohol, mental health, forensic, sexual health, unexplained long-term conditions and stroke.

Kim continues to use Motivational Interviewing with clients in the NHS on a regular basis. She has extensive experience of working with individuals with substance misuse and severe mental illness (such as those with a dual diagnosis of an addiction and schizophrenia). In addition, Kim has expertise in dovetailing the use of Motivational Interviewing clinically with other evidence-based approaches such as, for example, in engaging clients to orient toward cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to treat anxiety and depression. She also uses the approach with individuals who are having difficulty adjusting to major life events who may be referred into mental health teams, whereby attitudinal rather than behavioural change is the target of the intervention.

*The authors of the approach, William Miller and Stephen Rollnick are founder members